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No single route is better than the opposite. These different paths are best for different individuals which bring on a similar God.

fifteen and let them be for lights within the firmament of heaven to give gentle upon the earth: and it was so.

Before you ended up born I carried you below my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until finally the moment I leave it, I will constantly have you in my heart.

Har baat ka jawab inkar nahin hota Har baat ka jawab inkar nahin hota Har jaga rukna intazar nahin hota

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were being born I loved you. Before you have been below an hour or so I would die in your case. This is the wonder of Mother's Love.

Ankhon mai khushi ,lubon pe hunsi,gum ka kabi bi nam na ho,aap ko jahan ki sub khushian milain,in khushiyon ki kabi shaam na ho. By Noor

Kaun kehta hai judai hogi, Ye afw Kaun kehta hai judai hogi, Ye afwaah kisi dushman ne udai hogi. Thaath se rahenge aapke dil mein, Kuch jagah to humne bhi banai hogishailesh rai

Mana k tery nazar might tera pyar hum nahy,Kesay kahien k tery talabgar ab hum nahi,Tun ko jalay,khak bana kar bihca diya,Lo ab tumhari rah mein divar ham nahi.

Aap kya jano hum kitna yaad kerte hain, Mano ya na mano her pal feryaad kerte hain, Roz hat likhtain hain cartoon network ko, aur aap ko Participate in kerne ki mang kerte get more info hain.

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ten And God known as the dry land Earth; as well as accumulating alongside one another of the waters named he Seas: and God noticed that it was good.

tum ho tu ham hain,ham hai tum ho tu ham hain,ham hai tu jaha hai warna kuch be nahi,coz there is no conclusion 2 loveBY ALA

“My sister will die over and over once more For the remainder of my life. Grief is forever. It doesn't go away; it becomes a Element of you, action for step, breath for breath. I will never halt grieving Bailey for the reason that I will never end loving her.

Mumtaj ki kabar ko dekh ke har aashiq ko mohabbat ki misal nazar aati hai....Hum kis-kis ke liye Tajmahal banwayein???Hume to har ladki Mumtaj nazar aati hai.... Ae zindagi yu mujhse daga na kar

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